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Website Organization

The new basic website design will have these main pages:
1. Home Page
2. About Us (Our Business Overview)
3. Services (Type of Credit Available)
4. Online Credit Applications

  • Application Form for Auto Finance
  • Application Form for Auto Re-Finance
  • Application Form for Title Loan
  • Application Form for Personal Loan
  • Application Form for Trade Appraisal
  • Application Form for Vehicle Locator

5. Credit Advice Blog
6. FAQ Page
7. Contact Us

Features Included

  • Fully Responsive Framework –mobile optimized, built using the latest Bootstrap
  • Customized Contact Forms with CAPTCHA –multiple built-in editable forms
  • Finance Calculator –includes an integrated loan calculator to calculate payments
  • Social Sharing Integrated –increase your customer engagement with ease
  • Retina Display Support –ready to serve up high-resolution Apple images
  • SEO Enhanced –proper implementation of the new markup language & structure
  • Google Maps Integration – for Contact pages, Inventory Listings and more
  • Compatible Browsers – IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Fee Summary

Website Design and Setup(USD)….. $150.00

  • Setup includes first year hosting and SSL Certificate on one of our Servers
  • You Lease the Website – We own it
  • No Contract Commitment
Monthly License Fee (USD)….. $125.00

  • Lease Use of Website
  • Monitor website performance
  • Make sure all software versions are updated as needed
Optional Modules – Monthly Fee (USD)
  • Inventory Management, with Sales and Search capability …..$10.00
  • SEO Local Geo Mapping 100 Mile Radius for Search Results (Recommended)….. $ 15.00
  • Testimonials Function for Customer Reviews and Ratings….. $ 5.00
  • Subscriber Module for Automated emails and Newsletters for Marketing….$ 5.00
  • Content Management and Updates….. quote per case
  • SEO Content Optimization….. Price List
  • AD-Word Campaigns….. quote per case
Optional Website Features – One Time Fee (USD)
  • You Tube Video Describing Company and Services Offered….. $ 50.00
  • Video Pal Production with Custom Company Overview….. $ 50.00
Optional 2nd Domain Landing Page – One Page Redirect Marketing Page
  • One time design and setup fee….. $ 50.00
  • Monthly lease use fee….. $ 10.00

Domain Registration, Hosting Renewals and SSL Renewals are not included in any of the above fees

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